Authentication and libraries

If you are using the TinEye API through the web page or the browser extension you can just log in with your username and password and start searching. If you're accessing the site programmatically, however, we need to make sure that the requests are really coming from you, and to do that we need to authenticate each request.

Authenticating a request involves using your secret private key to create a digital signature for each request. You can find your private key on the Getting started page for your account, and the API documentation has a complete description of how to authenticate your requests.

If the TinEye API returns an authorization error it means that the signature attached to the API request was incorrect. The signature must be constructed very carefully; in particular, watch out for extra spaces or incorrect letter case. We strongly recommend using one our TinEye API libraries, which will take care of constructing the signature for you.

For more information on how to integrate the TinEye API with your application, check out our Getting started guide.