MatchEngine pricing

To use MatchEngine, sign up for a subscription plan and we will set up an API for you. There are four levels of the subscription, depending on your collection size and search volume:

  • Starter: Up to 5,000 images and 1,000 monthly searches for $200 per month
  • Basic: Up to 50,000 images and 30,000 monthly searches for $500 per month
  • Corporate: Up to 500,000 images and 150,000 monthly searches for $1500 per month
  • Enterprise: Up to 500 million images and 50 million monthly searches, with custom pricing for your requirements

For most users we recommend starting with the Starter plan and when you need to; we’re happy to change your plan as your needs grow.

All plans are offered month-to-month. There is no need to commit to an annual licence.