Image requirements

MobileEngine can accept images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and WEBP formats. Animated images of any format are not accepted. Filenames do not need to match the file types; the API will figure out the right type by looking at the data.

Ideally, images should be resized to be 600 pixels in the smallest dimension before being uploaded. Larger images will be resized automatically, so it is faster to resize them yourself before uploading the image to the MobileEngine server. For example, if your image is 1200x800 pixels it would be best to resize it to 900x600 before uploading it. A 1200x2000 image would ideally be resized to 600x1000 before uploading.

Acceptable images have a correct rotation, do not have text or watermarks and are 600 pixels or larger on each side.

Some images might not contain enough detail to work effectively in a search. For example, very small images, images that contain only a single colour or images with a small number of simple geometric shapes will not show up in search results.

Examples of images NOT to use with MobileEngine

  • NO Images with borders.

  • NO Images with watermarks.

  • NO Images that are rotated.

When uploading images make sure the filepath that you specify is unique to that image. If two images are added with the same filepath, the second image will overwrite the first.