Adding and deleting images

Adding images

Before uploading images to MobileEngine, you should make sure that they are properly sized. MobileEngine supports images up to 600 pixels on the smaller side for fingerprinting. If your images are larger than that we recommend that you resize them before submitting them to MobileEngine for indexing, because smaller images will make the uploads faster.

Images are added one at a time using the add method. Images can be uploaded directly to the server or you can specify a URL where the image is located and the MobileEngine server will download it from there.

The MobileEngine API can perform one add operation at a time. Any extra requests submitted will be queued up for processing as slots become available. While adding images one at a time might seem daunting, our experience is that it would only take about 40 hours to upload a collection of 500,000 images.

Deleting images

You can remove images one at a time using the delete method. You must specify the filepath of the image that you want to delete. Wildcards are not accepted.

To delete all of the images in your collection you can use the list method to retrieve a list of image filepaths and then loop over the values in that list performing a delete call for each.