Using the TinEye API without writing any code

Reverse searches on TinEye are free for non-commercial use, but what if your use is commercial? You’d like to keep doing searches from your browser, using the homepage or a browser extension, and you don’t want to write any code to integrate with the TinEye API. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! The TinEye API has its own search page and browser extension. They work just like the TinEye that you know and love. The only difference is that you’re able to perform more searches!

Signing up

Before starting searching with the TinEye API, you’ll need to sign up for an account and purchase search bundles. If you haven't signed up yet please visit our Getting started section.

Using the TinEye API browser extension

To install the browser extension, go to the Getting started page and select the API extension for your browser – we offer extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers at this time.

Note: The browser extensions for the free version of TinEye found at will not work with your TinEye API account. You must install the API versions to perform searches that will work with your prepaid search bundle. Don’t worry, you can have both the free and commercial versions installed at the same time!

Once the extension is installed, you’re all set! Just right click on an image or page and select the “Search Image on Commercial API” option.

High volume TInEye search with a plugin

Using the TinEye API Web Interface

You can also search the TinEye API through a web interface, just as you would normally do on Log in to your TinEye API account and click on the Search tab to get started. Upload an image from your local drive to search for it, or point to an image on the web by pasting its web address (URL) in the search box.

Happy image searching!