About MobileEngine

MobileEngine makes it easy for you to add image recognition to your app. You provide a reference database of images (e.g. artwork, consumer packaged goods, book covers, catalog pages, etc.) and when your users photograph that object, MobileEngine finds your matching reference image. MobileEngine helps you connect the physical world to the digital, using image recognition. We also offer WineEngine, a version of MobileEngine that is specifically tuned for wine, beer and spirits label recognition.

The MobileEngine API makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to integrate image recognition technology with their applications. MobileEngine provides everything you will need to make your images searchable using image recognition. You don't need to become an image recognition expert, develop image recognition algorithms or manage an infrastructure to support your integration.

MobileEngine is powered by TinEye's unparalleled image recognition technology and has been engineered and optimized to work with photographs captured by users' smart devices. This service uses exceptional image recognition algorithms to deal with low resolution photographs, occlusion, glare, color changes, rotation, skews and many other transformations common when consumers take photographs with their mobile devices.