What is WineEngine?

WineEngine is an image recognition API that quickly and reliably recognize wine labels in photographs. Your users send it an image of a bottle and it returns matching labels from your own wine label image collection.

Query image (left) and best matching reference (right).

WineEngine is the most integrated image recognition API in the world for wine label recognition, and is optimized for user images, like those taken from a mobile device. Even the poor lighting and framing typical of quick camera-phone snapshots is well-tolerated by WineEngine. WineEngine automatically masks out everything except the label in collection and query images for optimal label matching, and includes wine vintage and variety recognition.

WineEngine works with

  • images that were previously too blurry.

  • partially obscured labels.

  • images with "noisy backgrounds," not focused on the label.

  • images with a significant tilt and too much background, as found when dining.

  • beer and spirit labels.

Please visit our WineEngine page for more information, including pricing.

For a full technical description, please read the WineEngine API documentation