Sorting results

You can sort TinEye API results by:

  • How well the images match
  • The size of the matching image
  • When we first found the matching image

If you are manually using the TinEye API search page you can select the sort order from the drop-down menu at the top of results.

If you are using the TinEye API browser extension you can select the order of results in the browser extension options. By default the extension will remember the last sort order you chose, so you can also just change the result order on the results page and it will use that choice for your future searches.

If you are using the TinEye API programmatically you can select the sort order by using the sort argument in your request. You can choose whether to list results in ascending or descending order using the order argument set to asc or desc, respectively. By default, the API returns results in order of descending score (which measures how much the image has been modified), such that the best match comes first.

The possible orders are:

  • Best match (sort=score, order=desc)
  • Most changed (sort=score, order=asc)
  • Biggest image (sort=size, order=desc)
  • Smallest image (sort=size, order=asc)
  • Newest (sort=crawl_date, order=desc)
  • Oldest (sort=crawl_date, order=asc)

For more information, please refer to the documentation for the search method.