Can I sort my results?

By default, your results are sorted by 'best match'. However, you can also sort by 'biggest image', 'most changed' (which is usually the most heavily edited image result), 'newest' or 'oldest' crawled image.

Just select your preferred option from the 'Sort by' dropdown list above your results. TinEye will remember your selection for the duration of your session. 

The 'Newest' sort order displays the images most recently found by TinEye's web-crawlers at the top. The 'Oldest' does the opposite, showing the earliest crawled images at the top.

It is important to understand that the date TinEye crawled an image isn't the date that it first appeared on the webpage - we don't know that date. So we can't tell you when an image first appeared on the internet, only the date on which TinEye first found it!