How can I remove my image from TinEye?

If you would like to remove your image from the TinEye search results, you can submit an image removal request here: Before doing so, please make sure that your image is no longer appearing on the website where TinEye has found it. If your image is still displayed on the website, we will not be able to remove your image from the TinEye search results. 

It is important to understand a few things about TinEye:

  • No one can search for your image on TinEye, or find any results containing your image, unless they already have a copy of that image. 
  • We have no control over the websites that we show in the TinEye search results. We crawl the web and direct you to where the image you searched for appears on websites.  Removing your image from the TinEye search results will not remove it from the sites on which we found it. If you want your image removed from websites other than TinEye, you must contact the websites’ owners.

For matters of image removal, TinEye can be reached by sending an email to