Signing up and purchasing searches

To sign up for the TinEye API and buy your first search bundle, go to the TinEye API product page’s pricing section and click the “sign up” button under the bundle of your choice.

When purchasing a TinEye API search bundle, you have two options:

  • Auto top-up: select this option to make sure that you never run out of searches. A new search bundle will automatically be added to your account when your current bundle starts running low. For example, if you purchase a 5,000 search bundle for $200, TinEye will automatically add a new 5,000 search bundle to your account when you have used 3,750 searches (75% of your search bundle). The TinEye API will automatically start using your new bundle when needed, so your searching will never be interrupted.
  • Pay-as-you-go: select this option to manually buy searches as you need them. You may purchase new bundles at any time. TinEye will send you an email notification when you’ve used 75% of your searches. The API will always use your oldest bundle first, then automatically switch to your next bundle. If you don’t buy a new bundle and your searches run out, you’ll receive an error when searching.

Next, fill in your payment, login and account details and click on “Buy your API search bundle” to buy your first search bundle and create your account. Purchases for TinEye API search bundles are made via credit card only. We accept all major credit cards.

Check your email for a message from TinEye and click the verification link. You’ll be asked to log in with the email and password you just used to sign up. 

Logging in will take you to your “Account” page, where you can see the bundle you purchased and your remaining searches.

Now you’re ready to start using the TinEye API! Happy searching!