I get an error when doing a TinEye search!

Errors when searching TinEye can happen for one of several reasons:

  • You’ve run out of TinEye searches. This problem is very easy to fix: buy another search bundle and your searches will start working again. It’s also easy to prevent: if you buy a new bundle before your previous bundle is used up, TinEye will use the old bundle first and then seamlessly switch over to using the newer bundle.
  • The image you’re trying to search with is corrupt or unavailable. Please double check the URL or image file that you submitted and make sure that it is a valid image in one of the supported formats:  JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or WEBP. If you're submitting a URL make sure that the file is publicly viewable and not hosted on an internal network or a site that requires a login.
  • The signature on the API request is invalid. All of the requests to the API must be signed to ensure that nobody else can use your searches. It can be difficult to create this signature manually, so if you’re having trouble we strongly suggest using one of our TinEye API client libraries.