List of TinEye API error messages

Here is a list of possible error messages returned from the TinEye API and a brief explanation of their causes.

You have no more searches available. Please purchase another bundle if you wish to make more searches.

You’ve run out of TinEye searches. This problem is easy to fix: buy another search bundle, and your searches will start working again. It’s also easy to prevent: select the auto top-up option when you buy your bundle, and a new search bundle will automatically be added to your account once you’ve used 75% of your searches.

Please provide a valid API key.

The server did not receive a valid API key, which must be included in the custom header - x-api-key - when making any requests.

The authentication method that you are using has been removed. Please update to use the new X-API-KEY header method.

The server received a request without an x-api-key header or a request that included a public_key or an api_key as a query parameter. 

For more information on how to transition authentication methods, click here.

Please supply an image or a URL for searching.

Search requests must include either an image file or an image URL; otherwise, we have nothing to search for!

Couldn’t download URL.

There was an error retrieving the image from the URL you searched for. This could happen for several reasons, the most common being that the image was removed or that you need to be logged in to access the image. If you can manually get the image from the URL, you could try uploading the data directly, rather than using the URL.